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Letter from attorney Richard P. Fox dated: February 23, 1983

Space does not permit me to describe even some of the travesties of which I am aware, perpetrated on veterans by the V.A. in denying disability claims.  

This is especially true  since about 1975 when there seemed to begin an effort to deny benefits whenever possible. Suffice it to say that V.A. rating boards, secure in knowing no court can review their decisions, sometimes reach conclusions that are totally insupportable logically or even on a common-sense basis.. .

V.A. cases are all pro bono because 38 U.S.C. 3404/5 make it a crime for an attorney to charge a veteran a fee. . . Disabled veterans are entitled by law to certain emoluments.  They are not by-and-large fools, ripe for swindling, by lawyers or anyone else, needing protection by Big Brother.  If they feel they want the services of a lawyer they should be able to hire one.  

They should also have the right to a day in court on their claims, the same as any other citizen in conflict with the government.